Rajd Lajkonika 2008 
Maluchami do Mongolii  
OUR GROUP: Damian, Jano, Czus, Marcin, Rafał, Marta, Wrotek, Dorota.

foto Who are we?
We are a group of young, world-fascinated people from Poland and Slovakia. Conveniently travelling, using planes, and sleeping in hotels is something that we are trying to avoid. The freedom, that you can feel travelling with no purpose, when the road is your guide, with no deadlines, no hurries, and  without a bit of stress... is something so magnificent, once tried will always come back in memories.
   Mongolia 2008
A few years ago, during one of the countless travels in our imaginations, someone said the word Mongolia. No one knows why, when, how… but the idea was very warmly accepted, in spite of the fact that our knowledge about the Mongolian country was reduced to topics such as: steppe, horses, yurts, kumis. From that day on, the holiday plans of each of us were so different that we hadn't been thinking about Mongolia as a realistic destination place for our trip (that of course couldn't help the hundreds of hours talking, thinking, dreaming about it). Finally in the year 2007 we have come to a decission: let's go! As a means of transport we chose Polish Fiat 126p! It's no mistake - 126p (you can admire this prodigy of socialist invention here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_126 - as you can see it's the only automobile that can conquer this route! :) The plan is following: in the middle of August 2008 equipped with a few 126s and the bucket of replacement parts we set out into an adventure through the legendary land of Ghengis Khan! The route of our trip leads through countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia and maybe Latvia and Lithowania.